NTT DOCOMO takes advantage of 5G

NTT DoCOMO gains market-to-market advantage 5G. In pursuit of 5g 樶's extreme goal with flexible channel sounding, developers are using millimeter Wave (MMWave) frequencies, ultra-wideband and mass multiple input multiple output (MIMO) methods. Although these add uncertainty to the design of transmitters and receivers, 樶 the big unknown is in 5G user equipment (UE) and base stations.

In order to fully describe the characteristics of the channel, it is necessary to establish mathematical models and then use these models to define the new air interface 5G standard. One technique, called channel detection, is to understand channels to achieve data rates, spectrum flexibility, and the bandwidth required for 5G. That is the challenge facing NTT Docomo, Japan's 樶 big mobile-network operator.

While its name officially comes from "Communication networks via Mobile," it's also an abbreviation of the Japanese phrase "doko ni Demo," meaning "everywhere" in the spirit of wireless mobility. As one of the industry's leading innovators, NTT DoCoMo is working to deploy its 5G mobile network in time for a major sporting event in Tokyo in the summer of 2020.

Defining and optimizing the network overdesign promised by 5G -NTT DoCoMo requires an accurate, reliable and repeatable method for channel propagation characteristics.

Challenge: Modeling multiple MMWave use cases

The primary driver for NTTDocomo developers is a 10-year plan to build an industry-leading communications platform. The main goals are new subscriber services, including providing users with more bandwidth, more capacity for machine-to-machine and Internet of Things (IoT) connections, and 樶 small latency virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) applications (Figure 1).

To accelerate the commercialization of this platform, NTT DoCoMo's investigation focuses on the 5G New Radio (NR) interface scenario for 28GHz high-speed mobile devices and fixed wireless applications for 67 gigahertz. Studies have shown that

The challenge: Capture data through the MMWave channel and compute models that can be used for mobile network cell design.

To create the necessary models, signals must be captured in a 2x2 matrix

Scenes: urban and rural; Fixed wireless and high-speed movement (e.g., train critical measurements on the bullet include frequency response, path loss, power delay distribution (PDP), Doppler frequency shift, Angle of arrival (AOA) and Angle of departure (AOD). A variety of measurements present some daunting potential challenges: generation and analysis of wideband millimeter wave MIMO signals; Perform wideband system calibration; Precise QUE sending/receiving timing; Manage data collection and storage.

The captured data is used as input to channel models that include obstacles such as human bodies or leaves, attenuation caused by precipitation or humidity, multipath and reflection caused by buildings and other structures. Signal analysis software must be able to extract the frequencies of interest for the wireless channel model. The resulting model is then used in the design of the network for mobile devices to help developers determine  locations and the number of unit sites.

Solution: Adapt to specific needs

Capturing time-varying multipath millimeter-wave signals requires highly complex multichannels to provide precise que timing, fast synchronization and high-level software. To meet these requirements, NTT Docomo turned to a trusted source: Keysight Technologies. Given the previous collaboration with Keysight, the research team could easily foresee a successful implementation of channel detection solutions that would cover both 28 GHZ and 67 GHZ.

The Foundation is KiVIEW's channel detection reference solution, which consists of two core elements:

Off-the-shelf metering grade hardware for signal generation and acquisition

PathWave software for instrument control, system range calibration, signaling

Generation, signal analysis and parameter extraction

Phase coherent multichannel measurement

This architecture enables researchers to use, enhance, and modify the test platform to meet specific requirements and perform high-level measurements (Figure 2). For example, the ability to use broadband MIMO data capture technology allows angular spread parameters to be measured with fewer measurements and higher multipath resolution.


With the continuous development of 5G technology and standards, the air interface model needs to be further improved. That's why the reference solution is scalable and scalable, enabling it to measure more channels at higher frequencies as the 5G test specification matures.

Because many of the component hardware and software elements are off-the-shelf Keysight products, they can easily be reused for other aspects of 5G research:

Development and verification: 5G signal acquisition, demodulation and analysis;

5G signal modulation and generation; Chipset design, development and validation;

Ue design, analysis and validation; Base station design, analysis and validation; And iot device design, analysis and validation.

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